About the Author

I like brains.  Actually the rest of the body is pretty good to, along with all the other biology, psychology and science in general that happens to catch my eye.  So, while I especially love brains maybe I like science would be more accurate.  Of course, when I like something, my first urge is to read all about it, and then go do it, and my second urge is to tell everyone I meet all about it.  Unfortunately people tend to back away slowly when you corner them and start telling them all about synapses, neurohormones and radial glia, so I’ve come here, to tell the internet about it, and you, assuming those radial glia didn’t frighten you away.

In slightly more serious terms, as an aspiring scientist and science writer I’ve started this science blog to polish my science writing, and science explaining skills.  Neuroscience is my primary field, but I’m planning to write about any science-y topic I find especially juicy and delicious.  Any feedback, especially on the explanations, which are tricky to get right, would be greatly appreciated.


5 Comments on “About the Author”

  1. Jean Taylor says:

    Don’t you have a name, or indeed a nom de plume? Or do you prefer to be known as “DENDRITIC TREES”? If the latter is the case, it would be nice to know what dendritic trees are and why you refer to yourself in the plural. Are you somehow related to the Queen, for example?

    Perhaps a description of dendritic trees could inspire another blog entry to enlighten those among us who are science-dunces – as opposed to science-geeks. And now, I’ll take off my pointy hat and depart. At least I didn’t “back away slowly.”

  2. Nope, I like Dendritic Trees. The post in question is about half way done, maybe a bit less. Don’t take the pointy hat off, I like the pointy hat.

  3. Jean Taylor and Grey Wool says:

    Ahhhh: a description of dendritic trees had been offered but alas not received nor read until this evening. Why are there no entries since May 2011? Might you explain some of your current research? Grey Wool and I await. Indeed at this moment Wool is rubbing against the monitor in fond anticipation.

  4. Here via Captain Awkward, since I love people who love Rageasauruses. I’d love to read more of your blog, actually. Any chance of continuing it?

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